Studio Gerôt is devoted to creating environments that enrich you by supporting your life, dreams and goals. By mixing contemporary designs with elements from ancient principles based on the application of harmony and balance, we create homes and workplaces that look and feel just as good as they function.

A good interior design is the result of a close relationship between client and designer. It's all about bringing your wishes and desires together in the end result.

By using a mix of original and high-quality materials and/or items, which sometimes do not retail in regular stores, Studio Gerôt adds something personal to your interior and, above all, unique. As a result a place is created where you not only feel at home, but one which you can be really proud of.


You Get To Choose What That Suits You Best

Studio Gerôt offers various services with regards to designing spaces. As your personal guide, you'll be walked through the woods of interiors and all the addidions.  and al it features and possibilities,   Custom furniture design, shopping assistance and implementation & styling on site are possible if desired. Given the fact that those projects are always custom, the costs thereof are available upon request.

Available services at Studio Gerôt

             General advice - digital

    • exploration of your taste, lifestyle, needs, options and budget;


             Interior design plan contents - digital 

    • Moodboard design, incl. color advice;

    • Revisions during (digital) consultations;

    • Scaled floorplan with interior and lighting setup;

    • Shoppinglist with corresponding furniture/accessories, incl. retailers

    • 3D photos;

             Additional services - on site

    • Decluttering & home organising;
    • Implementation and coördination of the interior design plan.


Invisible Influences That Contribute To
Inner Peace & Harmony

It's the place where you usually spend the most time in your life: the place you live and your workplace. Therefore it is important that you feel at home in these environments. Your interior has an important influence on your well-being. It can determine how you feel at that moment. There are several factors that are of influence, such as the use of color, lighting, temperature and furniture. But there's more that contributes to experiencing a positive state of mind. Think of concepts like Feng shui, Kon Mari, a Zen Interior and the use of ecological materials which puts you, even if you are indoors, close to nature. That is good for mind, body and soul.

Based on your wishes or the problems you encounter, you will receive an appropriate design plan to match your specific situation. By including elements from the invisible concepts below we create your own personal atmosphere which contributes to harmony in your direct environment. This provides mental balance which leads to being more relaxed throughout the day. And just by feeling more relaxed, one can be more productive. All kinds of things that we often can use a bit more of in our lives.


Feng Shui goes beyond the Western view of particulary comfort and aesthetics. Instead, the emphasis lies on physical and mental health, success and healthy relationships through positive energy flow.


The number of existing houses which are optimized with solar panels or a heat pump increases rapidly. And new constructions are built as sustainable as possible. But what about the interior? Fortunately, there are enough environmentally friendly decor options.


Less is more is the art of omission. Simplicity, tranquility and space are characteristics of a Zen Interior at home and at your workplace. Opting for 100% minimalism is certainly not always necessary. What matters is that together we reach the point where you feel zen.

  KON MARI by Mari Kondo  

An environment free from futilities brings a lot of mental peace and creates valuable space in your home and workplace. Declutter and only keep the items which really brings you something in life.

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Services provided on-site outside a radius of 10 km from the city centre of Amstelveen, are charged €0,35 per km travel expenses.
Appointments on-site, taking place on working days in the evenings (after 06:00 PM) and on the weekend, are surcharged €37,50 each time.


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